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Malaysia » Niah » Niah National Park

Another look at excavation site and house from within the huge cave

Cave with bambus sticks reaching some 60 meters up to collect the birdnests

The (now empty) house for federal regulation of birdnest harvesting

Archeological excavation site at the entrance to the main Niah caves

Dripstones and watermarks from centuries ago can be found

Malaysia » Niah » Niah National Park

The smaller Niah Cave

The entrance to the Niah Caves with framework for birdnest harvesting

Malaysia » Niah » Niah National Park

A bigger version of the caterpiller with less poisonous hairs

Another shot of the small poisonous caterpillar next to a leaf

A strange ant disguising itself as a spider (count the legs)

Malaysia » Niah » Niah National Park

A fuzzy caterpillar on the walk way

A small red centipede

A big black centipede measuring in about 30 centimeters...

An "ugly grasshopper" ready to jump

A small but poisonous caterpillar on its way