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Photo Upload

Click on "Photo Upload" in the taskbar or in your account.

1. Choose continent and country


Choose the continent and the country in which the photo or the photo tour was taken.

2. Place or city search


Search for the place or city with the help of our worldwide database.

Enter the name of the place and click on "search". You can also find the name of the place by searching through the alphabetic characters.
Attend to special characters.

If the search for the place retrieves no results, edit this place with the exact geographic position.

Edit place or Sub-place

3. Choose desired place


Choose your desired place
If there are more places or cities with the same name, choose your desired place or city. You will get a list with places in the surrounding area to find the correct place/city. Furthermore you will get a Google Map cutaway view.

If the position of the picture taken is imprecise, edit a new sub-place within the place or city.

Edit place or sub-place

4. Edit Sets and and upload photos


Which format to choose?

Please notice the following requirements befor uploading your photos:
- maximum photo resolution: 1280 x 1280 pixel (max. height or breadth)
- minimum photo resolution: 640 x 640 pixel (min. height or breadth)
- Format: JPG
- Maximum data size: 2 MB

Enter just one set name.

A set is a series of photos taken near by the start position of where the photo was taken.

Ready to start!

Now you can choose the photos on your hard disk and upload the data. Mind the photo format.

5. Publish photos


How to publish photos?

- If there are already photos in your set, click on the thumbnails to display and edit the photo description.
- After the upload the photos are inactive, the thumbnail color is red.
- To activate the photos for the public area you need the "title", minimum one "tag" and the "copyrights". The copyright-field is automatically filled with your username. Your specifications can be changed any time.
- You can see the image status from the thumbnail-colors (green=public, red=not public).

If the photos have been uploaded succesfully, you will receive a photo-preview.
The photos with the red bar are not yet published.
The photos with the green bar are already published. A minimum of photo informations must be entered to publish the photo.